Sunday, June 24, 2012

A First

At about 3:45 pm today at the height of the usual rush hour virtually everyone in Egypt was somewhere sitting in front of a television set waiting to hear the announcement of the first (hopefully) democratically elected president in its history. The choice was a tough one for many people here, between an ex-cabinet minister from the Mubarak regime who was also a member of the military and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Surprisingly the unofficial vote count showed a clear win for Mohamed Morsi of the MB, and many people expected the military to push through a win for the ex-regime member, Ahmed Shafik, when the announcement of who won was postponed by 5 days. So the tension in Egypt was enormous. This shot of the roads going into the city from Giza was taken during the press conference announcing the winner. Empty roads like this are nothing short of miraculous.


Jack said...

Good luck to Egypt. Either way the election turned out, the country seems deeply divided. And, seeing roads as empty as you show is impossible to believe. When I was in Cairo, the roads were unbearably crowded.

Shammickite said...

After having experienced the Cairo traffic in person a few years ago, these empty roads are mindboggling. But congratulations to the Egyptian people for achieving a democratically elected President. The whole world is watching to see what the military will do now.

José Ramón said...

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