Thursday, July 26, 2012

Truth In Advertising

I bought a case of white vinegar a few days ago to use in cleaning my lawn sprinklers. We have a lot of calcium in our water and it gums up the valves and outlets. But I love the carton. The brand name is Ganna (heaven, I believe) and it is almost 5% degree vinegar, whatever that is. But even more important it must be new, as it warns us to "Beware tradition"...... or maybe that just means it won't clean my sprinklers?


ragwort said...

Lovely - made me laugh.
Did it work?

Star said...

Makes me think of my own white vinegar trials and tribulations. Took me years of checking out little "exotic" food stores in my town to finally find some in a Russian one...two kinds 4% and 5%...both taste perfectly normal, but the 5% one did seem a little stronger. The tang without any added taste is so necessary for some recipes.

Anita said...

This is priceless. No guarantees proffered here; caveat emptor!

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