Friday, April 5, 2013

Little Things Mean a Lot

Most farming families in rural Egypt don't own a car, a tractor, or anything more complicated than a bicycle or a motorcycle. The family donkey is a vital and not always well-understood part of the farmer's equipment. Flies can cause eye and skin infections and flies are endemic in farming areas. Most of the farmers make a sort of makeshift halter/bridle using chain across the nose area. Chain is cheap and unbreakable but hard on the skin so there are a number of lovely women who make these nose fuzzies to cover the chain and shield the donkey's nose. The Donkey Sanctuary distributes locally made flymasks (thus also providing jobs in an economy that really needs them) when they join The Rural Wellness Initiative Egypt's mobile vet clinics on Tuesday afternoons. The Rural Wellness Initiative is a group based on Facebook that provides free medical care to farmers in the area near our farm. Our staff works on these trips as donkey hoof trimmers, cow wormers and chicken holders, while I am the chief goat hoof trimmer. These clinics are making a difference in the health of the farmers' animals and thus with their productivity.
I want to apologise for not posting for a long time but my internet has been so terrible for the past month it's been really hard to get online.


Star said...

Thank you for this post.

lantzquinta said...

MaryAnne, you are so awesome! Thanks for good news to read about relieving beasts of burden and making life better for people too. You hit where the heart is for many.

Anonymous said...

I always look for a new post and am rewarded today! I love the nose fuzzies--and all the work you and others are doing to help the farmers. It does mean a lot. (Chief goat hoof trimmer!)

Valladolid Daily Photo said...

No need to apologize. It´s always great to hear from you.

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