Sunday, December 29, 2013

Turnip seller Abu Sir

 In the fall when they plant the berseem for the winter the villagers plant turnips as well. Sometimes they are planted in with the berseem crop and harvested with the second or third cutting of the berseem. Other times they plant them along the borders of the beds and harvested as needed. Turnips in Egypt are generally eaten raw like the radishes that are closely related. I like to cook the greens but this isn't a common dish. Generally they are cut and pickled in a simple brine solution and eaten as an accompaniment to almost anything.  She was enjoying  the winter sun in Abu Sir and snacking on some of her wares.


Anonymous said...

Lovely picture. I also like turnip greens cooked as they have always been in the southern US, with salted pork or a bit of ham hock. Last week I purchased some turnips and cooked the greens that way; it was a taste of home! Later, my son made turnip hash with a New Orleans recipe and the dish was absolutely delicious, even better as leftovers. Amazing what can be done with the humble turnip!

William Kendall said...

A good portrait shot!

Used PC Exporter said...

Nice Blog Post !

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