Friday, June 26, 2009


I've been away in New York for a week or so for my son's wedding, so no photos to post. The wedding was lovely and the bride and groom took off for a honeymoon in Alaska to do whale-watching, kayaking, and glacier-stomping. On my return, I went out for a look at a wall that the Antiquities Department is building to block us off from our desert and discovered a huge flock of European Storks resting in a mango grove. I was quietly shooting photos when about half the flock suddenly took off. It's late in the season for storks and we've had an unusual number flying through this area and taking rest stops. The change in migration pattern makes me wonder what is happening in our world.


Dina said...

Congratulations, you have a nice daughter-in-law!
Going to Alaska sounds so good right now.
I can almost hear the sound of wings. Great stork pic.

brattcat said...

I'm going to second Dina in all of her comments. Except I'll add that going to Alaska sounds good in every season. It's such a magnificent place.

مارية said...

Glacier-stomping sounds like fun, especially now when I'm melting in Cairo!

Urang Awak said...

Hi Maryanne, Congratulation for the new daughter-in-law!

I agree with Dina! Alaska is indeed a good place for a honeymoon! htough a bit conventional :p I bet that your son is an adventurer like you!

Warmest Greetings from Bahrain then!

Carla said...

Oh wow! What is glacier stomping? I don't know if I've heard of that before. My hubby to be and I are looking for something exotic for our honeymoon. Do you know how you arrange something like that? Did they go through something like or just take off on their adventure on their own? How fun!

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