Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Shopping at the Fair Trade Shop

We have a lot of choices of places to shop for handicrafts here but my preference is for the shops that make sure that the artisans get their fair profit. This is a shop in Zamalek near 26th of July that carries fabrics, clothing, jewelry, baskets, rugs, pottery, embroidery...just to name a few.


brattcat said...

I bet you came away with some beautiful gifts.

Star said...

This is such an excellent concept, especially if the price to the consumer isn't more, or, at any rate, a lot more. Fewer middlemen (if possible), and each takes a smaller fairer share. They're trying this with local agricultural goods in our town, but they sell mostly stuff I don't eat: sausages, cheese and honey. Nothing wrong with sausages, or cheese, and honey is so marvelous, but a little goes a long way. I'd need fresh fruit, veggies, bread, milk, yoghurt, eggs. The staples.
Don't freak out, but I thought of you in these past few days, because someone had given me a package of dates. Didn't you write about dates a few months back?
Thanks for your fascinating posts.

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