Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Last of The Harvest

On October 1 I rode to Dahshur with a visitor to Egypt and at our lunch stop they were drying the last dates of this year's harvest. Generally the harvest continues through at least part of October, but this year's heat accelerated the ripening and everything finished much faster. It also spoiled some of the date crop as well. I haven't heard how well the sales of dates have done this year but the mango sales were down, primarily due to people not having money to buy them.


Star said...

What does a fresh date taste like, or are they always eaten at least slightly dried? Thanks, as usual, for your photos and thoughts.

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani said...

Fresh dates are sweet, crunchy and have a slightly "dry" taste a bit like a barely ripe banana. Within a day of picking the fiber in the date begins to ferment turning to sugar and resulting in the soft brown very sweet fruit that most people know. In the fermented form they will keep without refrigeration for quite a while and provide a lot of minerals as well as a lot of calories. Not all dates dry out, but those that dry completely can be kept for a year without any refrigeration and will plump up nicely in a liquid like water or milk. These yellow dates ferment to a point where they are very sticky and they are packed in boxes to store for up to a year. They are most often used for cooking.

Star said...


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