Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Fruits of Winter

If you really like your fruit and vegetables, you don't buy them from a supermarket here. We do have some supermarkets in Cairo, but their produce usually isn't so super. The smaller corner fruit sellers have fresher produce by far. Other than out of season fruits (like grapes in winter or apples any time other than mid summer) most of the produce is grown here so it is indeed fresh. One of the things that I love about Egypt is the fact that the things that are good for you are cheap to buy, while the things that aren't so good for you like Oreos or Cheetos or chocolate bars are more expensive. I think that is the way things should be.


Anonymous said...

That photograph reminds me of the way they used to sell fruit in Sendai, Japan back in 1953. They put it out just like that. Nice photo.

Anonymous said...

Abraham is reminiscing Japan, fruits of Egypt bring to my mind Scotland, where we lived one year long time ago. My family missed snow, but Egyptian family missed fruits. They said, that fruits in shops there are awful, they taste quite different, when you can take them right from trees! I believe!
nice day to you!

Jazzy said...

they're so nicely displayed. great choice.

OmaheƱa said...

how beautiful! i wish i could find a place just like that to buy fruit here!

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