Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Dangerous Place To Wait

Egyptians love flowers. They will bring them to you on the slightest excuse. There must be flower shops on almost every corner in Cairo and where ever there is enough space, there will be nursery plants stacked along sidewalks. Today, trying to accomplish many small errands, I went to one bank to make a deposit while I sent my friend to another to cash a check. I finished my errand first and found myself with some extra time, so I went across the street to take a look at some of the flowers. Half an hour later and LE 140 poorer, I was loading pots of flowers into the back of my jeep to be planted in the garden this weekend.

1 comment:

SCS said...

Sentido de oportunidade mordaz.

Ora nem mais..!

Do mais perigoso que conhe├žo.

Vira Vento.

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