Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Lucky Black Cat

Egypt and cats have a long history. Bastet was the cat goddess, a guardian of the household and family. Most Egyptians, even if they don't invite it in, will feed a stray cat. You see them everywhere in Cairo. This one was hunched against a wet, chilly wind on top of an ancient Coke cooler in old Cairo.


Anonymous said...

Very lucky indeed. Very interesting about the cat history


Anonymous said...


I daughter arrive home a couple of days ago, With a total all black kitten.
He was found out the front of their unit.They can't have pets, So she brought the little one home for me to look after.
So far no one has claim him.He was in a very skinny condition and very hungry.His name is now 'Izzy'.
My very spoilt white cat, Who is two years old, doesn't know what to make of him.He is totally uninhibited and a joy.My white cat("Blu') just sits and watches him,sometime running away when he wants to play.
I have never seen this behavior from a grown cat before.'Izzy' seems to be in charge, so far.
Lucky Lady Annie

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