Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What Is This White Stuff?

It's been cold in Egypt this winter and out here near the desert is colder than the city. This morning I woke up early to see a dusting of white over my lawn. I grabbed a heavy coat, some shoes and the camera to see what was going on. A heavy frost lay over the grass in the area around the house. As I was shooting the frost, all the dogs came out of the house ready to relieve themselves on the grass, but most of them refused to set foot on the white stuff. So most of them crowded into the flower bed near the house where there was no frost, or on the border of grass closest to the slightly warmer house. Guess Egyptian dogs aren't that tough.


Anonymous said...

Has it ever snowed around Cairo?

Molly said...

According to my husband it never has.
I hope my in-laws are staying warm. They usually never even see 0C/32F so this is unusual.
Thank you for posting these! They help me with my homesickness for egypt.

Susan said...

It must be a winter of weird weather trends...cold and snow here in Seattle, crazy rains in the Gulf countries, frost in Cairo?

Ever see the film "The Christmas Story"? All those dogs remind me of the The Bumpus' dogs...

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