Sunday, April 13, 2008

And The Wheels Go 'Round

When I was sixteen a friend of the family took me to Mexico for the summer to help care for their two young kids. As an ersatz nanny, the kids and I wandered around Guadalajara and I discovered photography. One of the sights that always fascinated me, oddly enough because I'm not interested in cars at all, was the dispay of shiny chrome hubcaps hung on a wall. When I came to Egypt the first time, the connections to Mexico were enormously strong for me, visually and socially with the same warm, family oriented society. And they like hubcaps here too.


Tejermia said...

My family is from Mexico although I was born in the states. I was in Guadalajara every summer with my family that lived there as a child until I finished high school. I have travelled to Egypt twice now and also feel the cultures are very similar. I feel at home in Egypt just as I do in Mexico. I am glad I am not the only ones who feels that.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I enjoyed your post and your story about Mexico and how similar it is to Egypt. An interesting post.

Molly said...

I have made so many comparisons in my mind between egypt and mexico- visually and culturally, and even socially as I feel that Egypt is to the Arab world what Mexico is to the Latin. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has noticed. :)

Anonymous said...

My DH & I feel the exact same way about the two cultures being so similar all the way down to the devil eye thing. I think that is why my arab husband enjoys the George Lopez sitcom show so much.

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