Saturday, April 19, 2008

And When I grow up....

This is one of the older stallions at Albadeia, I believe Mansour. He has a huge box stall with windows that look out over the courtyard inside and also the garden outside. Not a bad life at all. He found our little Hilal quite fascinating and vice versa. The Alabadeia horses have been sold to stud farms all over the world, including to the farm belonging to one of the Rolling Stones. Our horses of Egypt are lovely.


Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed, the horses are beautiful. And while the Arabian horse has qualities bred into them that make them look like gods in the 4-legged animal world, they and their Mustang cousins, that roamed the American West in the High Plains, are gods of a different kind but then direct descendants of the Arabian horses left here by the Spanish. I just think the Arabian horses are elegant in almost every way. And your photos of them deserve a large audience. I hope a ton of people get to see some of your photographs.

Anonymous said...

O mon Dieu, what nobility! I grew up on The Black Stallion books and movies and dreamed of Arabian horses. Your photos bring back memories. More, more!

vagabondblogger said...

Aww, he looks so sweet!

Jane Hards Photography said...

The horse head lokks so majestic on the portal, i just had to take a closer look. It's truly beautiful horse.I will have to come baack and veiw your blog further, but this was gorgeous photo and interesing post.

Uma por Dia said...

Beautiful :) And beautiful framed too!!

Anonymous said...

Handsome-looking horse.


Anonymous said...

What a magnificent animal! The only problem with this photo is that it isn't enough. It's a tease. I want to see the rest of him, the whole naked body!

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