Sunday, May 11, 2008

Break Time

I was out riding with some friends and this young girl resting on a pile of cut berseem in her bright orange tshirt really stood out. The berseem is a clover that we feed to the animals in the winter. It is cultivated by hand (like everything else here) and cut daily for the horses, cows, buffalo, camels and donkeys. By May it is getting too hot for it and the berseem goes into flower so that the farmers can collect the seed for the coming fall. The last face is dried and used for hay.


USelaine said...

I'll bet it smells nice, when you don't have to be the one to cut it that is. I would think the horses would show some interest, too.

Anonymous said...

If it is like clover then there must be a lot of bees around. I am also wondering if it smells anything like our hay? Probably not.

I posted a picture of my furry mother for Mother's Day. She was so special we considered her part of our family.

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