Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Blessing of Water

In medieval times wealthy patrons would build water stations called "sabils" in old Cairo to supply travelers and passersby with water. In a desert country water is never refused to someone in need. Now people install filters and coolers along roads to supply cold fresh water to anyone passing by.


PJ said...

I wish we were all so generous with hospitality but I know that it also takes a generous heart to receive. I love the colors.

Dina said...

That is really nice!
In Jerusalem's Old City you see the old sabils too, very beautiful but no water anymore.
And in the new city you can hardly find a modern fountain which has not had its water supply turned off. Whenever I go for a day in the city I have to shlep my own water bottle.

Harry Makertia said...

I love your explanation about this picture. Just remember Paulo Coelho's book, Alchemist.

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