Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ramadan Decorations

In the villages and the more crowded sections of Cairo and Giza streamers of shiny paper or cutout shapes are strung from house to house during Ramadan, reinforcing the resemblance to a long Christmas holiday. A friend recently told me that during Ramadan in Jordan being caught eating or drinking in public, even for a foreigner, can result in jail time. I guess they must not have much tourism during the month. Not so here where life is rather more easy-going.


Mia said...

Even so.. it can be hard for tourists to find places open to purchase food during Ramadan. I lost 6 pounds while I was there!

I really need to go back. hehehe.

Abid said...

Same in the UAE. You can get jailed/fined for eating in Ramadan

Greetekees said...

Wow that is quite harsh! Last Friday I was at the Friday Market (a sort of everyting for sale and second hand market) in Cairo and noticed quite a lot of people were smoking in public (during the day).

Candice said...

That really is ridiculous! I lost weight too while in Egypt during Ramadan, but I carried my water bottle with me and drank in public (was careful though). At least I didn't have to fear a jail sentence!

What about menstruating women, pregnant women or elderly people? Do they get jailed too??

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