Friday, September 26, 2008

The Waiting Room

With all the dust and sun in Egypt, eye problems have always been endemic. For myself, it's a simple matter of getting old and needing glasses to see anything closer than about a metre and a half (yeah, that's getting pretty old). For other people it can be cataracts caused by too much sunlight. I was utterly delighted to be introduced to the Maghrebi Eye Hospital by a friend when I needed my most recent check up. For LE 50 (less than $10 US) my eyes were checked by a technician with the latest computer exam and then I saw a doctor who checked what I needed for corrective lenses, checked the eye for any signs of damage or disease, and then offered suggestions for the best care of my eyes. What a bargain! And if they find a problem, the hospital is fully equipped to handle it. This place is a gem. They have one hospital in Dokki near the Shooting Club and another in Saida Nefisa square. And at those prices, most people can afford to have proper eye care.


Askandarani said...

not about this post, but the blog itself. it is diffrent.

Abid said...

Looks like a good place!

Mahmoud said...

hi mari
how do u do?
i hope it is the last time to visit the doctor.

The Cairo Wife said...

Really love your photos!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog. But I don't think most people in Egypt can afford those prices. The minimum wage in Egypt (for those who work, that is) is about double that bargain price you mention.

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani said...

The current rate for agricultural workers is about LE 20/25 per day...they are some of the lower paid workers in the country. While this is definitely low, most of the people I know out here in the farming area would definitely save the money to see a good doctor. However, the trick is getting into the city to the hospital. That pretty much doubles the bill. What they would normally do is to find a group of people all wanting to go into the same place and then pool their resources.

The biggest problem that I see is that most of the poorer people here aren't even aware that they have these options available.

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