Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Disturbing The Bath

Water buffalo, known as gamoosa in Egypt, are called water buffalo for a very good reason. Imported here from India by Arab traders, they are a mainstay of farm life providing high quality milk, butter, and cheese for farm families, as well as providing disposable income from the sale of the extra milk. Young male water buffalo are usually sold for meat, which is lower in fat than beef and very tasty. It's sold in many grocery stores and butcher shops. In the countryside the animals come out to the fields with the farmers to eat fresh forage all day and then return to a room that is built next to the house in the village at night. But a nice swim on a hot day is always appreciated.


Guy D said...

Stunning photo. Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

Sounds and looks like they have a good life.

Would you believe, I tasted gamoos meat in Arkansas (at Heifer Ranch)of all places. It was good, albeit sad, because I had taken care of the live animal.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your gamoos photo. I am in Zamalek, visiting my daughter who teaches at AUC. I'm painting some oil paintings for her walls, and one of them is a scene of the pyramids in days gone by, when there was a canal not too far away and farmers could see the pyramids in the distance as they farmed. I want to put a water-wheel irrigation system in the painting and a couple gamoos. Do you have any photos of things like that? It's a large painting, and I wanted it to have some other authentic details, like the pyramids.

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