Sunday, January 25, 2009

Quick Lunch

One of my favourite foul and taameya restaurants, Chabrawi, in Khan el Khalili, displays a plate of boiled eggs baked in a taameya batter. Next to it on the left is a platter of deep fried cauliflower.


Candice said...

Yum, I'm so hungry! I never liked fool, but I loved tameya, and this looks really good. Too bad they don't really sell the stuff here in my hometown. (One place does but it's nothing compared to Egyptian)

Julie said...

I was fortunate to visit egypt and jordan last september and really liked it. I was there during Ramadan so it was a great time to be traveling and I do not know how people could fast all day everyday in the unbearable heat. No water even. When breaking fast at dusk, everyone was truly wonderful and happy and offered food and drink even to tourists. I will enjoy viewing your photos of people and the culture.

Mia said...

those eggs look pretty good! i looked up a recipe for taameya and think i'll give it a try!

Note to self: Next visit to Egypt, do not go during Ramadan so you can try the local food!

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