Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lawnmowers R Us

Some of my neighbours have a lovely huge green lawn behind their home in the country and decided to let their herd of miniature horses do the grass trimming for them. They have to be the cutest lawnmowers in the entire world.


B SQUARED said...

They really are a special "breed."

Vagabonde said...

I stumbled on your blog today while searching for blogs with photos as I just started my own blog and am learning to become a better photographer. Your blog is very interesting and I shall come back to read more of your posts. You can look at mine if your like at

Ange said...

you should put the hammock there, take a book and read while the ponies graze away. they are so cute and it looks like such a serene place.

Dina said...

They ARE cute.
Coincidence. Just today I read in the paper that the miniature horse farm here wants to learn how to train their little horses to be guide animals for blind people, like in the USA.
What do you think about "guide-horses"?!

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani said...

Horses have to be trained carefully and slowly but they never forget. I've heard of one being used in the US for a Muslim woman who would have a problem with a dog. I think that they could do it, although the housebreaking could be interesting.

Midlife Roadtripper said...

Oh, I'd love that kind of lawnmower.

Diba said...

Oh, I loved it, the horses are really cute and also the lawn and palm trees.

Dina said...

Hmm, good points. I saw photos on the guide-horse website of the little horse sleeping on a mat on the floor of a house. That's going a bit too far, no?
Another factor, they say, is the longer average lifespan of a miniature horse, three times that of a dog.

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