Monday, October 19, 2009


Palm trees are more work than houses. The fronds get trimmed a couple or three times a year, the blossoms must be fertilised, the fruit protected and then picked...and all of this is taking place about 10 to 15 metres off the ground. What's a guy to do? Climb! The harness is made of palm rope and cotton rope and it enables the workers to scamper up the trunk and then, in this case, work away with an axe to chop off the extra fronds and remove the extra fiber. Fronds will be come mats, boxes and furniture while the fiber is woven into ropes.


Stacy K. said...

Palm trees are so amazing! Maybe I suffer from palm-deficit after growing up in the Midwest of the states ;-)

MsTypo said...

I've never seen anyone working on them like that. Cool! :)

brattcat said...

This is such a fascinating shot. How does he climb in his robe?

Sharon said...

This happens here all the time. I'm amazed at how often this needs to be done and the agility of the people who do the work. There are lots of palm trees in my neighborhood so I see this quite often. Thank goodness none of the palms are in my yard!

Cindy said...

what do they use the palm fruit for?

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani said...

These are date palms. They pick the dates when they are ripe, hard and crispy. By the time the rest of the world gets them, the crispiness has fermented to the soft sweetness that you all know.

Unknown said...

Nice blog and pictures of Cairo thanks for share it.

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