Sunday, October 18, 2009

Filling The Lake

Centuries ago the lake at Dahshur was filled every summer during the inundation. When the Nile stopped flooding in the 70's it became necessary to fill the lake with the Nile water with a canal. This is the channel that feeds the lake now.


Kcalpesh said...

Nice green reflections in nice green waters! Good snap!

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Stacy K. said...

Everything looks so nice and green along that channel. I wish the beautiful Nile wasn't so deplorably polluted though :-(

brattcat said...

The water looks as if some creature might be lurking in it, ready to pop up and startle us at any moment, and then, looming in the distance, the magnificent desert. Wow.

Anonymous said...


veron said...

As a social worker I tend to always look at pictures and think about people. You have a beautiful website. I am working on mine. I look at the picture and it's peaceful but, I feel sad. Is me or is it you? Do you feel alone, or at peace with youself? I don't want to pry but, since your comment moderation is on I would ask the magic question. Lets put it this way, the question pertain to missing your husband.

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani said...

When you lose a partner of 25 years it's always sad. But I have found a life of peace and joy....and not a small amount of bemused bewilderment...on my farm.

veron said...

I find peace and purpose in my clients happiness. My clients are mostly poor and addicted to some drug of abuse. I try to help them find a place like yours. A place where they feel safe physically, mentally and spiritually. It is not easy.

May you continue to be Blessed Always and thanks for the reply.

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