Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Our wild red/brown doves are interesting. I have about six of them that were found as babies and brought to the aviary to learn to fly, but then they never want to leave. Doves, quite contrary to their reputations as bearers of peace, are aggressive and territorial. With a gang of them inside the aviary, the doves outside are busy threatening the aviary doves with whatever it is that doves do and then nesting to bring up their young dovelets.


brattcat said...

How very interesting about the territorial nature of doves. I wonder how they got the reputation for being symbols of peace.

Erika Jean said...

We are not fans of doves here, they are over populated!

But their babies are cute!

Diana Lemos said...

I do like the daily photos of Cairo/Giza. keep update it guys

Anonymous said...

Nice Dove

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india flint said...

dovelets...good word!

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