Monday, February 15, 2010

Conference Call

Mobile phones are a godsend to the farmers. Where they used to be out in the fields far from their families all day, now they can check in on the home, or be in touch with help in case of emergencies. Of course, now they have to worry about the camels listening in.


cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

Hehehe, I LOVE this pic! And your comment :)

Dubai said...

its new for me to see camel in Agricultural field rather than sandy desert

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh yes...tell me about those camels!! Lol

brattcat said...

And those camels can tell some tales, can't they?

Dreamfarm Girl said...

Wonderful mixing of time & cultures: centuries of working camels meet today's ubiquitous cell phone.

Stefan Jansson said...

Ha. I like the touch of green here!

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