Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Photography Elf's Friends

Years ago a friend of my daughter's gave me a plastic lizard that we called George. He lived on the dashboard of the jeep and gave great fear to many gas station attendants until he had an untoward end when the jeep (The other jeep, the good jeep, the newer jeep) fell into a canal while in another person's custody. The person and the jeep survived (the jeep more or less and needed to be sold while the going was good.) but George had vanished never to be seen again. A few years later I spotted George the Second at a bazaar, enchanted by his orange and green stripes. George the Second took up residence on the dashboard but he isn't scary at all, so another well-meaning friend decided that we really needed Snaky, a yellow plastic snake, as we were missing the gasps and hand jerks that the original George had occasioned. Another friend gave me George the Small, another beaded gecko, for Christmas. Ok, everyone. That's enough reptiles. It's getting crowded here and I'm worried about Mohamed spending too much time photographing toys.


brattcat said...

I wonder that they don't fade on the dashboard under that intense sun.

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani said...

Our critters are TOUGH!

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