Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Pyramid Photo

Not much needs to be said. Most people associate Egypt with three enormous pyramids standing in the desert. There are photos taken of them from the panoramic point which show the pyramids with desert in front of them. In reality, they stand on a plateau just above the extended city of Giza, not at all how they are pictured. However, this shot from the Ring Road near the Mansureya Road shows the pyramids of Giza at the edge of the farmland. It is a bit misleading since the palms are hiding a major apartment complex for the military and part of Nazlit Semman. Still, it is a wonderful view.


Leslie in Adams Morgan said...

beautiful shot!

Stefan Jansson said...

You are correct. It is a wonderful view.

Stacy K. said...

The view from Giza is kind of sad and disenchanting. I always thought the pyramids were further from the sprawl of Cairo until I actually went there.

Hilda said...

Yes it is — the greenery is wonderful! It is not a view I would normally associate with the great pyramids, so I appreciate it even more.

brattcat said...

It never fails to astound me when you show the pyramids. In past images you also convey the sense that they are simply 'in your backyard'.

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani said...

If about 10 miles away but visible still is my "backyard" then they are there. The Abu Sir pyramids really are in my backyard but they aren't nearly so impressive or famous.

Me said...

Its a nice clear shot that one, I remember my shock at how close to the city they were, even though I was warned

Kristin said...

I never get tired of seeing them when we drive on the Ring Road.

Miss Em said...

I love this picture. Beautiful.

Unknown said...

The photo is beautiful for sure , very beautiful needed
It is the pyramid with the nile touch , not the desert one
It is refreshing and full of life , it has the smell and the freshness of the nile river itself.

But this is not the beauty of the photo
The beauty of it is far more than that
It is not just a photo of the history of Egypt , It is the history of the human race .
For in these same fields and in this same soil million of people lived
Those who built the pyramids and those who even came before them
These who worshiped isis and those who worshiped Amon and those who worshiped Aten and those who believed in jesus Christ and those who believed in muhammed and those invented the bricks
No body ever came to Egypt and not visited the pyramids , Napoleon , Josephine , Alexander the great , jimmy carter , Hillary Clinton and you name it .
People change , those who came in chariots , those who came on horses , those who came in boats and those who came in planes , and all of them go and only the pyramids remain.

I look at this photo and wonder , how many hands worked in these same fields , how many feet walked in these same roads , only from the readers of this blog four had been there

Thank you for the photo Maryanne

Sharon said...

What a wonderful view. It gives a great perspective of the area. Much better than those tourist shots that look like the pyramids are so isolated.

exoticfoodie said...

Beautiful picture.I stayed in a hotel on Bazer al-Azam in front of the Pharonic village and the view of the pyramids was the opposite of this one but nice nonetheless.

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