Wednesday, June 16, 2010

All Day Glories

These gorgeous lavender flowers are a form of morning glory. They grow in bushlike bunches rather than on the climbing vines that most morning glories have. The bushes grow so readily that green sticks pushed into the mud at the edge of a field quickly give rise to a flowering hedge that can be cut in the fall and dried for firewood. The roots immediately put forth new growth and the trails are rarely lacking in floral accompaniment.


brattcat said...

How wonderful. Sounds like a beautiful solution to the energy problem.

joseph said...

Hi Maryann
Love your blog and all the photos,
I will be visting Egypt in early September and its been a life long dream trip. I would imagine its going to be hot,hot.
Take care and keep blogging

Mikaela H B said...

love theese flowers!

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