Monday, June 14, 2010

Do It Yourself Shade

Apologies to blog friends but I was in New York City for the past ten days visiting my offspring.

This shot was taken, as many of our photos are, on the highway as we pulled up behind a truck carrying furniture and a workman who decided that balancing a drawer over his head would provide enough shade to protect himself from sunstroke. Now if we followed rules here, we would never have these great scenes to meditate on.


Anonymous said...

Are you a grandmother now?If so,congratulates.

brattcat said...

He does look grateful for his drawer full of shade. Hope you had a good time in NY.

Boom Nisanart said...

He must be think " someone have to do it "
Good on him, Take a responsibility for his work !
Anyhow, This is a great shot : )

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. You had us worried there for a while.

Would he clear L.E. 20 per day?
Where's OSHA when you need it.

Okie from Tulsa

Susan said...

My most recent post is a do-it-yourself shade shot, too! :)

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