Monday, November 1, 2010

Who Was That Masked Man?

I was escorting some visitors on a ride through the village of Sakkara yesterday and when we came around a corner we found this tiny little boy with only a tshirt on standing in the middle of the path. I called everyone's attention to our small obstacle and we very carefully passed by him. His mother was just up the way sitting on a step so he wasn't without supervision, but kids in the villages are assumed to be the responsibility of everyone so she wasn't too worried. We are always careful on the horses around any buildings.


Connie said...

Cute! He looks like a little doll :)

brattcat said...

Oh, tiny little boy. He can't have been walking for very long.

Mo said...

Like the others at first I thought not a real person. Thank goodness the cloting was bright

rapunzel said...

He really is tiny! So glad you spotted him.

rio11 said...

that is a wonderful photo, congratulations!

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