Monday, March 21, 2011

The Neverending Problem

When the Ring Road around Cairo was first built, action by UNESCO and other groups stopped the construction of the portion that was to go around the back of the Giza plateau. The dirt road base of the proposed route that can be glimpsed running over the hill in front of the jeep has since become a well-used thoroughfare despite the fact that it was never paved, and trucks and cars use it to make a short cut to the Fayoum road. The other use of the paved portion of the road has lately been as a place to dump garbage. A newspaper article a while back shamed the authorities into cleaning up the sides of the road, but within a week or so, the trucks were back at it. These photos were shot today when I was on my way back home from town. What a bloody shame!


Sylwia said...

Problem you mentioned above exist in all Egypt.People do not seem to carry about what is going on outside as long as the are ok withing their own homes.I found it really annoying if I walked through long distance and could not spot one garbage container where I could toss any papers.Instead I had to carry papers back home.One day a local shopkeeper asked me if I liked the place around his shop.He took care about grass and trees around by watering them every day but completely did not care about all that garbage that has been tossed just in front of the shop.I told him the true that as long as I have to sit among those papers I will not appreaciate it.It took him few days only to arrange kids who came to his shop everyday and picked all garbage.Now I liked it:)

Australia said...

Problems that you have mentioned here happen not only in Egypt, but also in other countries. As we all know that Problems are every where. And it is up to the government or to the people concerned on how to resolved this issue. It is just a matter of cooperation and hardwork. People must do something so that change may occur.

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