Thursday, January 5, 2012

Home Alone


One of the interesting things about the desert is the fact that while it looks empty, it isn't really. I have no idea what lives in this hole, and considering that it could be a scorpion or spider or snake, I'm not in a hurry to find out. There were many such holes in the area.
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Britta Hubbard said...

I really enjoy your photos. I live in the US in Idaho but for a long time lived in Montana and worked very closely with a number of Middle Eastern students, one is from Cairo, it was knowing her that led me to you. I wish to visit some day... but a few of our dear friends are in Gaza and I hope to someday go there, so until then... I guess I'll stay this side of the Atlantic. Thank you and glad to see the updated photos. -Britta Hubbard, Twin Falls, Idaho

The Equestrian Vagabond said...

G'wan, put your nose up to it and give us a report!
; )
- The Equestrian Vagabond

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