Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Antiquities Trash...AGAIN!

There is an area out in the desert behind the Step Pyramid where the Sakkara Antiquities people dump their dig debris. This is an interesting place to ride as there are bits of ancient mudbrick, old bones, bits of pottery and so on. However, lately they have also been dumping basic garbage out there and that is NOT ok. Every so often I post photos of this to try to bring it to the SCA's attention. This particular dump site is on an old road out into the desert and anyone doing a camel or donkey ride from the Step Pyramid would be riding right by it. Bad SCA!


Moving Company said...

I think that maybe there could be found something really precious from ancient times or with a great scientific importance!

Unknown said...

Trash is being dumped all along the area between Saqqara and Dhasur, its not by the MSA! Its by trucks avoiding charges at the municipal dump!

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani said...

This is a huge problem for us living out here. The Giza governorate has huge landfills that are poorly thought out and are often in conflict with locals and the military. But this stuff is trucked out from the Sakkara antiquities site and dumped in the desert by the Antiquities staff.

Anonymous said...

I suppose the dumpers believe they are helping nomads?

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