Sunday, April 15, 2007

Messing About in Boats

During the summer's heat when you think that you are simply going to sink into the tar of the asphalt streets and never be heard from again, the best remedy is to go down to the Nile and rent a felucca with some friends. If someone brings beer, someone else brings pizza and someone else brings some fresh fruit, you are set for a heavenly recovery. These lateen-rigged wooden sailboats will float you away from your problems for about the equivalent of ten dollars US for an hour and they seat roughly 15 people on the benches along the gunwales. The feluccas are nothing less than wonderful and if you've ever done any sailing, watching the captains dock them gently with no assistance and no motor...just the wind, inertia, and the river's a sobering experience.

1 comment:

Susan said...

One of my Cairo faves...there ain't nothing like a bottle of wine, and a bunch of snacks from the bakery. Only thing missing is the toilet! :-)

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