Saturday, June 23, 2007

Shouldn't You Have Thought of This Before?

When the temperature is over 40 degrees C it's a good time to do errands in an airconditioned jeep to take you to airconditioned offices and shops. So that's what we were doing and on my way back home we took a route that had been undergoing some improvements. Not the least of the improvements was a significant widening of the road, which was now accomplished but there was a crew of workmen and a small bulldozer blocking the center of the newly-widened road. As we drew up to them, I could see that they were removing the stump of a tree that had once stood beside the road, but was now exactly in the middle of the road...during rush hour traffic when most of the drivers were hot, thirsty, tired and probably not interested in the work crew's safety. The crew didn't appear all that concerned, but the whole chain of events does make you wonder....

1 comment:

Charrie said...

Oh my Lord! Maryanne, you have made my photo, + your delightful commentary = my first "out-loud" laugh of the day...bless you!

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