Friday, June 15, 2007

The Staff of Life

Asma' is probably about twelve or so. She lives in a village near me that is on the main road out. Her father sells bread along the roadside and after school or on her holidays, she helps him out. When we started baking our own bread, I stopped needing to buy from them. There are a lot of people who think that kids shouldn't work, but I see a lot of working kids here. The same kids also go to school. I'm sure that for some of them it's a terrible experience, but for many it isn't. Asma' always has a laugh and a smile for everyone.


Anonymous said...

I found your comments re: "child labour", a topic that North Americans tend to get quite "het up" about, very interesrting. On our brief visit to Cairo we visited a carpet school, where several young girls and boys were working diligently at looms... they were clean, fed, happy and proud.. they also had a few hours of school each day, could read and write and were learning a trade which could sustain a family... a better lot in life than the street kids of Cairo,or any other major city, I think...

Susan said...

Charrie, I think that the Wissa Wassa artist commune, no?

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