Wednesday, April 16, 2008

And Then There Was Wood too.

The men with the sheet of wood were going in the opposite direction as the men with the ladders, so they don't seem to be related even if they are in the same area of the desert. The ladder carriers are a tiny dot on the horizon just above and to the right of the wood carriers. To give you an idea, they are about a kilometre walk from the nearest road. Not much fun in sand.


USelaine said...

It looks like they wish the horse could help them. What a fascinating world you show us!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what they are doing with the wood? Makes a mysterious post.

Dina said...

Yeah, and what a beautiful horse.
Makes me want to ride again. . .

Ioanna said...

It is a totally different world! Nice photos and interesting comments from you! Greetings from Ioannina,Greece!

ptowngirl said...

Wow, that seems like hard, exhausting work. Makes me thankful for even sidewalks!


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