Thursday, April 24, 2008

One Reason I Love Egypt

This is a picture of a blue sky behind thirty foot tall date palms and rubber trees. Nothing terribly exciting, but I remember being a grad student in Canada caring gently for a variety of indoor plants, including some palms and small rubber trees, to give me some green through the cold white winter. I never imagined that they could grow so big in a friendlier climate.


Dina said...

Mazbut, and we transplants do seem to grow and bloom where we are planted.
Didn't know you had rubber trees.

Rachel E. Adams said...

Same thing with me and orchids. When I was in Alberta it was too dry even in the bathroom. Here in Hong Kong they keep blooming and blooming. I have 8 which keep producing, much to the dismay of my son - who thinks it's excessive, and to me - who wants to buy more as soon as they go dormant.