Thursday, April 14, 2011

Getting The Dome Straight

One of the loveliest aspects of house design is the dome and it is built with the aid of a long rod attached to a point in the center of the room which gradually measures the decreasing circle. There are no artificial supports in place.

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Star said...

Absolutely amazing. So the dome is built up slowly, slowly, slowy, inching the bricks just a little bit more inward than the ones below!? Man, I love of the things that makes me feel a part of this millennia-long river of humanity. Not to say that ancient Mycenae had the first instances of this way of building a dome, but they jump to mind (and the presence of gold--if not other things, too--has made scholars think they already were trading with Egypt). Curious? Here's some info and a few snaps on an archaeology dedicated blog: