Friday, April 22, 2011

A Shave And A Haircut

Remember those beautiful patterns cut into the camels' coats? They look so crisp that they must be done with some pretty good clippers. The clippers involved are in fact hand made iron scissors wielded by hand.


AareneX said...

I bow down to superior artistry. It's freakin' amazing, and absolutely applaud-able.

Margaret said...

I see it takes 2 people to get the job done. And the feet are bound. (It takes 2 people to groom my large male cat, so I can understand the work involved.)
Love your blog.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Hi Maryanne, I was so excited to find your blog. My daughter had such a dream to go and see Egypt and for me it was to take her to see Paris. We did the trip last year, eleven days in Egypt, I don't use the word awesome very much or lightly, but I can honestly say that's the only way to describe how we felt about it. To be standing in front of the pyramids and the Sphinx was slightly surreal. We did the whole trip down the Nile,fantastic. Then we had eleven days in Paris and she loved it as much as I do, so all in all it was an incredible trip.
I seem to have gone on a bit there, but really just to let you know I will be checking in to your blog for a daily dose of Egypt.


Joe said...

My goodness! Not an easy task.

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