Thursday, February 8, 2007

Circling Closer To The City

From the extraordinary bareness of the Sahara, which is the image that many people carry subconsciously of Egypt, the lushness of the Nile Valley is a shock. Even without the yearly inundation the Nile Valley has to be one of the most fertile areas in the world. Most of the farming is done by hand, with fields usually being plowed by one of the local villagers who rents his tractor out to do the job by the hour. I was out riding one day and ran across a few of my neighbours who were plowing their field with an old wooden plow drawn by a couple of cows. This is not a common sight and I snapped the shot with my Nokia 6630 since I'd left my camera back at the house. One of the extraordinary things about Egypt is that most of the fruits and vegetables needed to feed our roughly 75 million people are produced by the hand labour of the Nile Valley farmers. There are some larger holdings in the reclaimed areas that can sustain more mechanised farming, but near Cairo the work is all done by hand.


Jenny said...

Welcome to the DP family - I am looking forward to seeing Cairo through your eyes. I was there once, for a few days, over 20 years ago and will never forget it!

Victoria said...

So interesting to see an old wooden plow still in use. Great shot.

Dsole said...

hand made... it will taste better!

Monsieur Pain d'épices said...

bienvenue dans la planéte des "D"aily's" Photo, bon courage pour la suite...
a prestu è amicizia...

Ben Nakagawa said...

I like your stereotype opening (I mean your photo, and opening comment)!

I hope you enjoy as much as I do with this community. Every one is very kind great people.

JaamZIN said...

I am happy to see Cairo among the DP sites:) Its a special place!

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