Thursday, February 15, 2007

Expect The Unexpected

I had some clients for my horseback riding business request that I take them to the pyramids in Giza one day. While they wanted to see the hallmark monuments of Egypt, they were not looking forward to the postcard-selling masses that congeal around anyone who is wandering the plateau. Almost twenty years of residence and a happily forgotten number of visits to the Giza plateau have given me a certain expertise in managing to see the interesting sights there without getting embroiled in the more commercial aspects, so I agreed. Two things that they wanted to do were to see the inside of a pyramid (highly overrated) and to see the museum of the Solar Boat at the base of the Great Pyramid (a tiny wonder) so I got them to the requested destinations, brushing off the sellers with a quick "La'. Aisheen hena" ("No. We live here."), a phrase that elicited immediate apologies on the part of tacky souvenir toting types. While they visited the Solar Boat museum, I sat in the sun gawking at tourists and decided to photograph some of them as they passed by. I took one shot of some as they came around the corner of the museum, but it wasn't until I downloaded them that I spotted the camel. You just never know.


Oya said...

That is an unpredictable lovely surprise. Tell us more about your horseback riding there...

Fay said...

It seems like they are playing peekaboo with you!

Anonymous said...

Now that's a lump or two?

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