Thursday, March 8, 2007

Every Colour in The World

Egypt is a big fan of recycling. There are men who drive around the cities and villages calling out "Roba vecchia", which in Italian means old clothes, but they are not looking for old clothes at all. They will take broken machines, metal that will be weighed out for purchase, almost anything that you want to get rid of. Even the trash here is picked over and the glass is recycled, the paper, the plastic, the metal and so on. Then in the case of the glass, it goes to the glass blowers' district where they melt it and re-use it to make glassware in lovely colours. A lot of this is sold in Khan el Khalili which is an old market area that encompasses many city blocks in Old Cairo. It's a major tourist destination but it is not just for tourists. Cairenes go there to buy brass, glass, herbs, and other items needed in the house.


Z said...

Beautiful! And yay for reusing and recycling

Candice and Megan said...

That is so cool! What a great idea!

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