Tuesday, March 13, 2007


One of the things that I love about living here is that you never know what you will see next. I was driving from the farm to the city with a young friend and as we turned onto a main road, she cried out "Stop up here!". I did and turned to look what she was so excited about and saw a donkey cart tootling up towards us with the back end of a Toyota pickup truck loaded on the cart. Once the cart had passed and I could look closely at the cart instead of at the traffic, I could see what had delighted her so. It looked as though the cart were labeled as a Toyota. Wonder what the Japanese would think?


Anonymous said...

amusing shot! the Japanese would be delighted, i guess

julia said...

I agree, it is whimsy,heavy tho for a little donkey to pull?

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani said...

Pulling isn't so hard and the empty back end of a pickup is lighter than many of the loads of crops that they pull. It's the carrying that really is tough on the donkeys.

Bill said...

I wonder how many miles it has on it!

Kim said...

This is really a fun shot!

Olive said...

Toyota might want to use this in an ad campaign.
Built for everyone, used by everyone.

Ben Nakagawa said...

Very funny!

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