Sunday, March 4, 2007

I wish I could post a photo

I don't know whether it is the fact that I have to use a dubious Vodafone internet connection because I have no land line out here and thus no broadband, or whether the gods of Blogger are asleep at the wheel, but for two days now I've been unable to upload a photo to this blog. I'm going to rattle the Blogger cage and see what is going on, but I am so totally not a happy camper at this point.

Welcome in Egypt, as we say when nothing works.....


Z said...

Agh, you must be so frustrated. Hope it gets sorted out soon.

Dsole said...

oh, I'm sorry to heard about that.
I hope you can fix the problem, see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi lol this is so funny i just came to yoru blog today as i found it very interesting so i been reading all of your blogs kinda like a catch up thing anyway lol I too live in egypt I am in nasr city and when i came to yoru Welcome in Egypt" i had to roll of my chair and scream with loud lahgter lol we too have the same saying our is Welcome to egypt its what we say when nothing works or people get on our nerves with the unfairness LOL well thanks for sharing your blog its nice take care
Umm Samyrah~

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