Monday, June 30, 2008

A Bit Of Ingenuity

A pair of young men have opened a portable business under a bridge with a handful of mobile telephones. For 50 piastres or a pound you can use one to make a phone call. Why wait for a phone booth? And since most Egyptians carry mobile phones, calling from one makes more sense, since the phone booths can only call land lines.


crittoria said...

What an interesting business strategy. I hope it works out well for them.

Anonymous said...

Actually about half the booths can call a mobile line, but there is no way to know until you try your luck and it works. Yet as you said calling from a mobile line makes more sense, but esp since it is more usual to receive mobile calls on r mobile n land calls on ur land line, and also since you only need cash, no prepaid (therefore prepared :P) cards for calling from the guys under the bridge :) And you know how well-prepared we Egyptians always are.

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