Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Textures of Glass

Muski glass is famous in Egypt. It is glass made from recycled glass that is blown by hand into drinking glasses, vases, plates and so on, or molded into beads and sheets. It is named for Muski Street, one of the main roads near Khan el Khalili. I don't know whether they favour blue because it is an easy colour to create or whether because the blue of the glass is supposed to bring good luck. Either way, it's lovely


Anonymous said...

We should have a great day today.

Anonymous said...

they're lovely :)
i went to Khan el Khalili, but didn't go to this glass place

Susan said...


Abu Dhabi/UAE Daily Photo
aka "cairogal"

Dan said...

Wow, certainly is very colorful!

Unknown said...

We were brought up with Muski Glass as children living in Moaska in 1951. We understood then that the most common glasses were brown or green, made from beer and wine bottles. More rare was the blue as that would require the rarer Milk of Magnesia or other medicine bottles.
We drank our daily dose of salt-water out of the small green ones every day.

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