Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Top Cart

Nothing like walking Manhattan's relatively pristine streets to make you miss Cairo's slightly off kilter lunacy. This bicyle-driven cart belongs to a Robe Vecchia man...a buyer of used items. They drive through the streets calling out "Robe Vecchia" which actually means "old clothes" in Italian, although it is a rare cart that has clothes in it. This particular bicycle cart was newly painted and decorated with its own license plate...a rather boastful number that would probably cause a snicker from one of the drivers of the cars parked to the right.


Susan said...

" make you miss Cairo's slightly off kilter lunacy.:

I've always struggled to put into words why I liked Cairo so much, but this is it!! Slightly off kilter lunacy...what's right is wrong. What's normal is not. I realised that I was settling in while sitting in the back seat of a taxi, tooling around town. The trunk, clearly not secured, popped open and slammed repeatedly into the back window. I don't think I even fliched. The taxi driver didn't stop the car. All was well.

Kim said...

Ah, I just snapped a photo of a cargo bike in action. It's amazing what people come up with to help with their work.
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