Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What The Mummy Wore

This is a real mummy wrapping that I found in the desert. Unlike the cartoon and movie mummy wrapping, it is not a long strip of gauze that goes round and around the body, but it is a relatively short piece of linen, tough linen at that too. This piece was around a foot that was dumped in a pile of debris. Not needing any extra feet around the farm, I left it where it was and just took a sample of the fabric.


Dina said...

Maryanne, you crack me up! LOL
We are digging up Canaanite bones this week at my dig, but they are neatly in cave tombs. YOU find great stuff just sitting there in a dump. Mabruk!

Pat - Arkansas said...

You *do* lead an interesting life, finding mummy wrappings "by the foot," as it were.

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