Sunday, August 17, 2008

You've Got A Date

Anyone who has traveled in the Middle East in late summer or early fall will recognise the large plump crisp looking fruit on the plate as dates, though most people will only recognise the brown soft looking fruit as dates. The red dates are fresh from the palm in my backyard, a variety known locally as Zaghloul. They are sweet with a faint aftertaste reminiscent of a slightly unripe banana, that rather dry taste. They contain the treasure trove of vitamins and minerals that dried and fermented dates contain, but much less calories because the fiber in them has not fermented to sugars. The brown dates are only a day or so older than the red ones but in our summer heat they ferment quickly to the form with which most consumers are more aware.


Maria said...

What an interesting blog! I was clicking around on the Net and stumbled on your site. I look forward to read more.

Ulla said...

Hello I just came to view your blog for the second time, and am sure to come back. The date photo is fun and reminds me of one of my best memories from a trip to Egypt some years ago: eating dates fresh from a palm tree at St. Macarius Monastery.

Anonymous said...

Hello Maryanne

I enjoyed your log very much. I visited Egypt in 2006 and fell in love with it. I was on a tour, but plan to come back as on indivi
dual basis. I would love to stay at a place that has horses to ride. I grew up with horses and used to ride a mare bare back when I was a child. How far are you from Giza? Please reply privately as I have some more questions.


Maryanne Stroud Gabbani said...

I'd have to have an email address to do so.

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