Friday, December 11, 2009

Flip? Maybe Flop? Unlikely

They have been using wooden sandals in the baths of Cairo for centuries. Shagarat el Dohr is said to have been murdered with a pair in Mameluke Egypt by a rival. These are very rough and look to me like something that could cause splinters. But some friends of mine saw them being worn by workers at a brick kiln.


rLn! said...

Well, they do look like "splinter-ville," but at least they're full size! Not like the Japanese ones...really small for those deformed but "fashionable" feet of geishas.

Children in Fiji villages usually don't wear shoes growing up, so their feet could probably take on these "flip-flops" because they've developed "second skin" that's impervious to splinters or rocks or hot dusty roads.

Angie Nader said...

they look painful

brattcat said...

They must make a distinctive sound when the wearer is walking on the street or on hard floors.

rLn! said...

Hey, Angie...

don't they!!!??? i have such tender feet, you'd have to pay me money to wear them. But i bet they do the job when there are no flippy flip-flops around.

* said...

This is something I have seen before, I think the 2nd skin might be a factor for sure. said...


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